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2012 June

Mathematics & Physics The (mis)Behavior of Markets, by Benoit Mandelbrot.

2012 May

Mathematics & Physics Six Not-So-Easy Pieces, by Richard Feynman. Miscellaneous Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell. Philosophy & Politics The Black Swan: On Robustness & Fragility, by Nassim Taleb.

2012 April

Computer Science Miscellaneous The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell.

2012 March

American History Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789: MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1777 Computer Science Active FTP vs. Passive FTP: a Definitive Explanation Philosophy & Politics The Black Swan, by Nassim Taleb.

2012 February

American History…… Computer Science CSS Font-Size: Em vs. Px vs. Pt vs. Percent Miscellaneous On Love, by Alain de Botton. Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell.

2012 January

American History Mathematics & Physics Six Easy Pieces, by Richard Feynman.

2011 December

American History Computer Science Scope in JavaScript Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript Understanding JavaScript Prototypes Introduction to Object-Oriented JavaScript